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Lakeland Criminal Defense Lawyer: Know Your Rights and Protect Yourself

John Waters is a Lakeland criminal defense lawyer who has been fighting for the rights of his clients since 2010. He knows that people make mistakes, and he understands how to help them navigate through the legal system once they’ve made a mistake. John loves what he does because it’s about making life better for other people.

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime, contact him at (863) 255-5193 for your free consultation.

I am your ally when your reputation is on the line

When you are charged with a criminal offense in Lakeland or Polk County, FL, you should not have to stand alone. If you hire me to be your Criminal Defense Lawyer, I will fight for you and your family, both in and out of court.

My team is dedicated to providing the best defense possible with a high level of customer service that surpasses expectations. With over ten years of experience representing clients charged with crimes, I know what needs to be done to build the strongest defense.

Experienced criminal defense from both sides of the courtroom

As a former prosecutor, I have the in-the-trenches experience to know how the case against you will be structured and can formulate a defense tailored to the specifics of your situation.

I am passionate about criminal law because I believe in fighting for others and making their lives better.

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime, contact me at (863) 255-5193 for your free consultation.

My name is John Waters, and I’m here to help.

Who is Lakeland Criminal Defense Lawyer John Waters?

John Waters is a Lakeland criminal defense attorney who knows his rights and will do everything in his power to protect you. John has more than 10 years of experience defending people against criminal charges, including DUI cases, drug offenses, domestic battery defense and more.

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As a Lakeland Criminal Defense Attorney, I offer:

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How do I get started?

If you have been arrested for any crime, call him at (863) 255-5193 or fill out the form on this website as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation and case review.